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Customer Support

Email Support

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Phone Support

8AM - 6PM EST @ 1.866.996.1200 ext 2




Sherpadesk support

Tickets Management

Business Rules Routing

Workflow and ticket assignment can be determined by the type of problems your user is having, the organization of the user, the severity level of the request or combination of these events. Implement multiple routing rules to handle ticket distribution to a single agent or a group of agents.

Rich Text and Multimedia
Support in Tickets

The email parsing solution supports rich text formatting allow, which allows you to store images in line within the ticket history or appended as attachments to the ticket's history.

Custom Fields

Add custom ticket form fields to make sure you have all the information you need to handle a request. Forms can be dynamic and ask users additional questions depending on the issue.

Advanced Search

All content is queried and searchable. Set up search filters to display a list of tickets based on specific ticket properties.

On-hold ticket status

Place tickets in an 'On-Hold' status for future resolution.

Business Hours

Add business hours and holidays based on Service Level Agreements.

Signature Block for
Printed Tickets

Add a signature block to printed tickets. (Signature blocks are helpful for organizations that require signatures on work orders.)

Scheduled Date

Give end users the ability to request a date of service. Set up notifications to alert agents when a scheduled due date is approaching.

Related Ticketing

Create ticket relationships to show how one ticket is related to another. When you close a ticket, you'll have the option to also close related tickets. 

Submission Category

Track and report how tickets are created (i.e., phone, email, remote chat, etc.)

Creation Category

Track and report why tickets are created (i.e., warranty, vandalism, user error, etc.)


Store and retrieve tickets using a folder filing system.


Manage your customers' tickets, projects, users, locations, and assets with the Account Manager feature. Track all billable and non-billable time, income, and expenses to better measure account profitability.


Assign simple tasks and due dates within a ticket or project. Easily track the time and costs of each task and how they relate to either an account or project.

Levels and Escalations

Create a ticket workflow that moves tickets through a tiered support process when tickets are escalated/de-escalated.

Priorities and SLAs

Create a service level agreement for ticket response and completion times. Measure how closely you meet your goals to evaluate team performance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Set up a recurring schedule that auto generates and assigns new tickets.

Unassigned Queues

Set up an agent or group of agents to receive new support requests.

Remote Assistance

Initiate a remote session and chat with the ability to take control (or share control) of a user's desktop. Create a group session that allows agents to invite multiple users to a session.

Notification Manager

Set up multiple notification rules based on ticket criteria and events. Create time-based notifications that will alert you when an event is about to about to occur.




Sherpadesk support

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Rate Types

Create multiple rate types for reporting, billing and invoicing billable and non-billable time.

Rate Plans

Create multiple rate plans consisting of various task types with different service costs.

Staff Payments

Create bills to pay staff, and allow agents to pay your internal staff for service.


Create invoices for clients, and allow your agents to send customers the cost of a service. SherpaDesk integrates with QuickBooks and Freshbooks to send invoices.

Account Level Billing

Each account can be assigned its own unique rate plan.

Remaining Time

Each ticket can be assigned an initial estimate for how long it will take to complete the request. Easily update estimate as necessary.

Start/Stop Clock

The stopwatch feature allows you to record time spent on a ticket, account, or project.




Sherpadesk support

Email Parsing

New User Creation

Add new users to your system by simply sending an email with our integration keyword.

Create, Update and
Modify Tickets

Email parser allows agents to modify tickets using special commands. 

Email Information Block

Make specific ticket information available to the end user via email.

Custom emails messages

Create unique ticket email messages when events occur on the system.

Email Parser Drop Box

Drop Box allows you to customize multiple inbound emails for ticket creation. Set up specific emails to be classified and routed to either an agent or group of agents.

Email Diagnostics Logs

A reporting tool allows you to see what emails are coming in and out of the system. This provides helpful insights into when and to whom emails are being delivered.




Sherpadesk support


Unique Identifiers

A unique ID is assigned to assets help you quickly locate specific objects in your system.

Asset Auditor

Asset auditors give you the ability to quickly audit your inventory. An auditor is assigned to a location and is able to determine if an asset is still located in the correct place or mark it as missing.

Asset Statuses

Track various asset statuses of all supported items. Retire assets from your inventory or move them to an inactive status when they're no longer in use.

Custom Asset Fields

Create unique fields per asset type for reporting and management. Custom fields are determined by asset type, which allows you to gather detailed information about each asset in your inventory.

Asset Browser

Search your inventory for specific assets based on selected criteria. Easily locate an asset, its the service history and to whom it's assigned.




Sherpadesk support


Project Budgets

Estimate the internal revenue and expenses on each project. Keep in touch with each project's profitability as you assign time, travel and expenses.

Project Tracking

Track the estimated completion on a project. You will be able to see the total magnitude of work on each project and get an estimated date of completion.




Sherpadesk support

Customer Engagement


Create a custom portal with the look and feel of your website. Integrate your social media and provide knowledgebase articles that empower your customers to help themselves.

Account Portals

Create individual customer portals with the look and feel of your customer's website.

Knowledge Base

Create searchable, rich multimedia articles from your portal.

Customer Side Access

Customers can log in and check the status of their requests, update their tickets, and review the status of current open tickets.




Sherpadesk support

Mobile and Web

Mobile Devices

SherpaDesk is available in an HTML5 mobile format and is also available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Chrome Extension

A Chrome plug-in gives you quick access to manage and update your tickets from your browser.




Sherpadesk support


Localization, Time
and Dates

Set your instance to your local time zone and schedule working days and holidays to accommodate your service level agreements.

Currency Symbol

Add your country's currency symbol.


Display a custom logo on emails, portals, and invoices.




Sherpadesk support


Standard Pre-Built

Standard reporting has built-in filters to review ticket and agent data.

Custom Design

Design custom reports using graphs, scheduled reports to be delivered by email and export your data to be used locally.

Time Log Detail Report

View time log entries by team members, projects, or task types.

View Timesheets

View all billable and non-billable time in a calendar view. Easily change the view based on account, agent, or projects. Edit and add time logs on any assigned days.

Full Ticket Data Export

Export all ticket data to a CSV, XLS, or XML format.




Sherpadesk support

API & Integrations

LDAP Integrations

Use Microsoft Active Directory to manage user authentication and role assignments.

API Keys

Use REST and JavaScript API.


Integrate project time logs and calculated rates into FreshBooks.


Integrate time logs, invoices and staff payments into QuickBooks. Let SherpaDesk manage your rate calculations and expenses, and easily transfer your invoices into QuickBooks Online.

Google Marketplace

Use G Suite to manage user authentication and roles.


Integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to easily track a contact's path from prospect to customer.