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We've designed SherpaDesk to be an all in one professional help desk support software for professional service organizations. As a matter of fact, we've designed our platform to be the only help desk support software you will ever need to manage your team and your customers. With seamless integrations into leading small business tools like QuickBooks, Xero, ISL Online, NinjaRMM and more, you can now spend less time managing your systems and more time taking care of your customers.



SherpaDesk Can Help


16% Response Time


19% Increase in
Capturing Lost Time


23% Customer
Satisfaction Improvements



SherpaDesk Features for IT Managers

SherpaDesk professional help desk support software is full of useful features to help you run your business: Track support requests across multiple customers and locations, remote support and management, track all billable time, robust reporting with seamless integration with all major accounting tools. SherpaDesk is also easy to use and always free for the first tech. Ready to start your free trial?



Ticket Routing & Notifications 

SherpaDesk ticket routing and notifications allow you to set up business rules on assigning customer’s support issues. Get customers and selected issues assigned directly to those that can solve them the best. Notifications can be sent out to keep both the customer, techs and admins in the loop at all times.


Time & Expense Tracking

Easily track all of your customer’s time and expenses either on the web, out in the field or over email.  SherpaDesk allows you to easily create recurring contracts, and assign hours and expenses while you perform the service. Monthly invoicing has never been easier.


Remote Assistance & Chat

Remote assistance allows you create a remote chat with your users and enables you to take over their desktop to perform support. The complete session can then be stored within a ticket and marked as billable time so that nothing falls through the cracks.   





Reporting You Can Use

SherpaDesk’s customizable data reporting dashboard integrates seamlessly with your helpdesk tools and can generate reports automatically on a recurring schedule. Get real-time analytics the fast and easy way, giving your administrators the data they need, when they need it.

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Matt Cabanas



SherpaDesk is great. I've tried many different ticketing solutions and SherpaDesk works best for me. It was very easy to setup, very easy to use. I can have a new instance up and running in 10 minutes. You have the flexibility of using all of its functionality or just parts based on your needs.



— Matt Cabanas, IT Manager, The Link Companies