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Keep things from slipping through the cracks with a shared support mailbox.



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Manage all customer activities, billing and team performance from one simple platform


All Plans Include

Customer Support



Email Support

24x7 - support@sherpadesk.com

Phone Support

8AM - 6PM PST @ 1.866.996.1200 ext 2

Tickets Management

Business Rules Routing

Workflow and ticket assignment can be determined by the type of problems your user is having, the organization of the user, the severity level of the request or mixture of these events. Mulitiple routing rules can be implemented to handle ticket distribution to either a single agent or a group of agents.


Assign simple tasks and due dates within a ticket or project. Easily track time and costs of each task and how they relate to either an account or project.

Scheduled Maintenance

Set up a recurring schedule that auto generates and assign new tickets

Remote Assistance

Initiate a remote session and chat where an agent can take over a users desktop or share their desktop. Create a group session that allows the agent to invite mulitiple users to a session to share files present their desktop.

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Rate Types

Create multiple rate types for reporting, billing and invoicing billable and non-billable time

Rate Plans

Create multiple rate plan consisting of various task types with differing cost of service


Create invoices for clients allowing agents to send customers the cost of service. SherpaDesk integrates with QuickBooks and Freshbooks to send out invoices.

Start/Stop Clock

A stopwatch feature that allows you to record your time to ticket, an account or a project

Email Parsing

Create, Update and Modify Tickets

The email parser allows agents to modify and update tickets using special commands when replying. A lot of ticket management can be handled by simply replying to an email.

Email Parser Drop Box

Drop Box allows you to customize multiple inbound emails for ticket creation. You can set up specific emails to be classified and routed to either an agent or group of agents


Unique Identifiers

Unique ID assigned to assets help you quickly locate specific objects in your system

Custom Asset Fields

Create unique fields per asset type for reporting and management. Custom fields are determined by the asset type allowing you to gather detail information for each piece of asset in your inventory

Asset Browser

Search across your inventory for specific assets based on selected criteria. Easily located where an asset is located, the service history and who it's assigned.


Project Budgets

Estimate the internal revenue and expenses on each project. Keep in touch with each project's profitability as you assign time, travel and expenses.

Project Tracking

Track the estimated completion on a project. You will be able to see the total magnitude of work on each project as well get an estimated work of complation.

Customer Engagement


Create rich multimedia style articles that can be keyword searchable from your portal

Customer Side Access

Customers have the ability to log in and check on the status of their requests. Here they can update their tickets and reivew the status of current open tickets.

Mobile and Web

Mobile Devices

SherpaDesk is available in an HTML5 mobile format and is also availble for download for Apple iOS and Google Android stores

Chrome Extension

A Chrome plug-in allows you quick access to manage and update your tickets from your browser


Custom Design

Design custom reports using graphs, scheduled reports to be delivered by email and export your data to be used locally.

View Timesheets

View all time billable and non-billable time in a calendar view. Easily sort the view based on account, agent or projects. Edit and add time logs on any of the assigned days.

API & Integrations

Email Support

24x7 @ support@sherpadesk.com


Integrate time logs, invoices and staff payments into QuickBooks. Let SherpaDesk manage your rate calculations and expenses and then easily push over your invoices into QuickBooks Online

Google Marketplace

Use Google Marketplaces to manage user authentication and roles


Integrate seamlessly into Salesforce creating an easy experience to track prospects, to customers.

We have been using SherpaDesk for almost a year and are pleased with the ease and flexibility of the system. It is a very good value for the money and we are able to track support requests, projects, users, and inventory.”

John Gallimore

CTO at Davie County Technology Solutions