The Prosper Independent School District is a top rated public school district with over 14,500 students in grades PK, K-12 spread over 12 schools.  All technology needs for the school district are managed by the District's Technology Department.

By using SherpaDesk's PSA software and its Asset Management feature with seamless RFID integration, the Prosper Independent School District's Technology Department has increased operational efficiency by optimizing inventory and asset tracking in all its schools.


RFID Scan Inventory


Fast Auditing


Audit Reporting


The Challenge

The Prosper Independent School District's Technology Department was searching for a one-stop-shopping solution to keep track of all school IT assets (Chromebooks, printers, servers, etc.). After attempting to patch together several homegrown or disparate systems, they realized that they required a single solution that would deliver consistency moving forward.

eyeThe Innovation

By integrating an RFID scanning system with SherpaDesk's PSA & Asset Management feature, Prosper Independent School District IT techs can now deploy assets and audit entire classrooms via RFID scan. This reduces inspection time to mere seconds, hence decreasing overall audit time from weeks to days.   

  ClockTime Savings

Using SherpaDesk with RFID integration delivers huge time savings when used to audit a large number of assets. 

The time savings introduced by this technology benefit not only the Prosper Independent School District's Technology Department but also the auditors in charge of tracking  these assets.

An additional benefit for auditors is the seamless integration between SherpaDesk's Asset Management feature and their own workflows, enabling them to track and detect any missing piece of hardware or the status of any assigned asset (IT Tickets, location, who it’s assigned to, etc.).


"The Prosper Independent School District now has the capability to not only count, but deploy, move, retire and check in and out hardware via a simple RFID scan."



The Prosper Independent School District's Technology Department needed a solution that could support their one to one initiative with students.  They needed a solution that enabled them to quickly check out and audit the massive amount of IT assets they support.


Other Areas of improvement the Prosper ISD has seen:

Support Services

Customer Satisfaction



Process Improvements

Asset Tracking and Management

Notifications and Communications

Project Management and Task Tracking


How The New Process Works


The IT team uploads their hardware assets into SherpaDesk's Asset Manager.


Each piece of hardware gets an RFID barcode and assigned a physical location (classroom number etc.).


To run an asset audit, techs are now able to go to each location (classroom or office) and automatically pull up a list of the assets assigned to that particular room via an RFID pulse using an integrated handled device.


Once the RFID pulse scans a room, it will determine if all the assets assigned to that room are still in place. Any missing items will go into a missing queue. The status of the missing hardware will remain set to missing until it gets scanned during the course of an audit. If the asset never gets picked up in any future audits, techs can then review the asset logs to determine where the asset was last located (i.e., the last audit date, who the asset was checked out to, last known service, etc.)


Tech Innovation

RFID Technologies (in partnership with Sherpadesk) developed Asset Marshal as an enterprise RFID and bar-code scanning mobile solution. Asset Marshal integrates seamlessly with SherpaDesk, enabling users to add, move, retire and check IN/OUT assets by either using barcode scanning or RFID technology.


"We wanted to streamline the management of our helpdesk system. We also needed to tie IT assets with their assigned rooms. The ability to use RFID labels to scan our whole inventory into our asset management system integrated with our helpdesk gives us the flexibility we were looking for and saves us hundreds of hours in inventory management.”


    - Prosper ISD Technology Department






We needed a single solution that could bundle help desk and asset management features into a single platform. With SherpaDesk's RFID scanning integration, now we can add quick inventory to the mix.


 Prosper ISD Technology Department



The Prosper ISD Interview

To find out how SherpaDesk's asset management feature with RFID tracking has helped improve hardware auditing for the Prosper Independent School District, we spoke to Fernando De Velasco, Robb Knox, Danny Scott, and Scott Cox from the Prosper ISD Technology Department.

SherpaDesk: Hi. What was it like before your district started using SherpaDesk?

Prosper ISD: We used a bunch of homegrown and disparate systems.  We needed to get a single solution that would create some level of consistency moving forward because we didn't have a cohesive way of doing inventory and tracking it on our asset management system.

SherpaDesk: What departmental level problems were you trying to solve with SherpaDesk?

Prosper ISD: We wanted a better way to manage our Helpdesk system, plus improve reporting. We also wanted a way to escalate tickets easily.  Most crucially, we needed to tie our IT assets with their assigned rooms to better support our one on one initiatives.

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