Get Things Done

SherpaDesk understands the unique challenges facing K12 and higher education IT professionals. We have 15+ year’s experience providing IT helpdesk and asset management solutions for school districts, so we've learned first hand what education institutions need. That's why we've designed SherpaDesk to be the all-in-one solution for IT and Facility maintenance teams in the education field. We provide techs and custodians with a better tool to help them to track employee requests and manage new asset initiatives (like 1 to 1 for students).

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SherpaDesk Features for Education Professionals

SherpaDesk enables IT and Facility support specialists to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while giving them the tools specifically designed for education: Track support tickets across multiple campuses and between teams, easy asset management with handheld auditing, robust one-stop reporting & more. Ready to start your free SherpaDesk trial?




Ticket & Work Order Management

Education organizations need a complete solution to track all service request from their employees. SherpaDesk offers a single solution for both IT and Facility maintenance issues.  Easily capture, route and notify the correct technician to get the user’s request to the best person for a prompt resolution.


Asset Tracking & Auditing 

Education organizations need to manage a lot of assets; from employee workstations to student laptops. SherpaDesk offers a complete solution to track and audit all of your institution’s assets, wherever they are desktops or HVACs. Create year-end reports to see where assets are located, and what their service history is.


Task Assignments

Multiple recurring tasks can be easily assigned using SherpaDesk templates. Stay on top of items that need to be done and who's appointed to complete them. Make sure that no support items ever fall through the cracks.




How K-12 Schools Are Using Our Tech


No more missing IT equipment. SherpaDesk asset management software helps IT Managers in the Education field keep updated records and determine who is responsible for an asset by running pre-scheduled audits and quick inventory via barcode scanning and a handheld device.

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Reporting You Can Use

SherpaDesk’s customizable data reporting dashboard integrates seamlessly with your helpdesk tools and can generate reports automatically on a recurring schedule. Get real-time analytics the fast and easy way, giving your administrators the data they need, when they need it.

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We needed a single solution that could bundle help desk and asset management features into a single platform. With SherpaDesk's handheld scanning integration, now we can add quick inventory to the mix.


 Prosper ISD Technology Department