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SherpaDesk is a complete IT help desk, time tracking,
quoting, and invoicing solution for IT & MSP pros like you.

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Get From Quote to Paid in Four Easy Steps with SherpaDesk


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Folow the four simple steps below to get from quote to paid in no time.







Easily Add All Your Products and Services to Your Customer Quotes

SherpaDesk enables MSPs and IT Helpdesk professionals to add products and services like hourly rates, recurring billable items, travel rates, and much more. With bulk import capabilities and integrated sync with your accounting packages, SherpaDesk enables the easy population of your product lists to generate new customer quotes quickly.

Display Dashboards







Generate Quote and
Send to Customer

Once quotes are created, your techs can send them out to customers for new business or renew existing quotes for continued services with just a few clicks. Managers can attach documents and monitor their quotes status from pending to acceptance to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


Track Costs







Accept the Quote and Start
the Contract and Project

Instantly create new contracts from accepted quotes and start a new project. Techs can now add time and expenses to their customers and projects based on the terms of the quote. Integrate new contracts with your accounting package with SherpaDesk's QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, and FreshBooks integrations.

 Reports Metrics that Matter






Track Time and Bill Customer

SherpaDesk is already tracking your billable (and non-billable) time, customer rates, and expenses. When it comes time to get paid, simply generate an invoice with all the billable items, and email your customers whenever you're ready. Track the progress of your projects' budgets and ensure profitability.


Track Costs





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SherpaDesk is a great tool for small IT service providers.
Ticketing, comments and time logging works seamlessly and our customer happiness has grown after we started to use it.






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Live Chat

Integrated chat allows you to speak directly with your users. Expand the chat to show your desktop or take control of a user’s desktop for support.




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Preventative Maintenance

Set up recurring tasks on a schedule to increase officiency and reduce downtime.


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Time Based Notifications

Create notifications based on events and time elapsed on a ticket to prevent important customer support issues from falling through the cracks.