SherpaDesk Projects Helps Organizes your
Communication, Time, Tasks and Expenses.


Instead of having stuff scattered all over the place — strewn across separate products, lost in inboxes, or scrawled on stickies; SherpaDesk brings everything your company’s working on in one central place.



SherpaDesk Projects


One Place

All the Things in One Place

SherpaDesk allows you to track clients support requests, tasks, time logs, expenses and notes in a central location. Quickly get an understanding of what is currently being done on the project and what costs are being assigned.


All the Things in One Place





Progress at a Glance on Pc



Progress at a Glance

Quickly see progress for any project at a glance. No need to schedule a meeting or request to get an update.

Magnifying glass

Monitor Profitability

Set estimates on project time and costs and get real time updates on who is spending on what and if the project is on schedule. See project progress at a glance. No need to schedule a meeting or request updates.




ANIMATION Project-Management



Track Time

Time is your most valuable resource. With SherpaDesk projects you are able to see all the time that is assigned to a project as well as the estimated time left to complete the work.



Review Expenses

All expenses and travel can be assigned to a project and affect the project’s overall profitability. Keeping an eye on expenses help ensure a project stays on track.






SherpaDesk projects gives you a 10,000ft view of your
whole business. We feel back in control when you can
see everything organized on a single screen.