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Adding NinjaOne RMM to SherpaDesk will greatly improve the way you deliver services as an MSP

Integrating with NinjaOne RMM is a great way to experience the benefits of a PSA with a powerful RMM solution. This will greatly increase your support efficiency in monitoring and billing for your customer devices. Whether it's the first time you are adding an RMM to the mix, or as an alternative to existing tools that are complex and expensive, this integration enables maximum optimization, helping your business grow.



PSA + RMM Combo: The Reviews Are In

Top software review sites Capterra and G2Crowd have given SherpaDesk and NinjaOne RMM 4.8 & 4.9 stars out of five, respectively. Make these stars work for your business by implementing the PSA + RMM dynamic duo of SherpaDesk + NinjaOne RMM. Check out the full report below.

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Benefits of Our Integration


Seamless Ticketing

Your NinjaOne RMM alerts will be automatically synced to SherpaDesk. Techs are able to parse through these alerts, escalate them into tickets and assign them to projects.


Visibility of Clients and Assets

NinjaOne RMM devices and clients are synced with SherpaDesk Asset Manager for an integrated view of alerts, asset tracking, and billing management.


Move Between Platforms with Agility

One-click connect to all devices you manage in NinjaOne RMM from your SherpaDesk Asset Manager interface. See real-time vitals of asset and perform instant diagnostics.



Stay On Top Of Your Alerts

Consume Alerts

Consume Alerts

SherpaDesk is able to consume any alert that is set within NinjaOne RMM.

These alerts are shown in the technician's dashboard so that they can easily monitor the condition of the device that's triggered it and if it needs to be converted into a ticket.

Consume Alerts

Alert Profiles

Alert profiles gives the technician more details of the event triggered and on what device.

Here you can get the full details on how many times the alert has been sent and what asset is affected.


Historical Alerts

Within the SherpaDesk Asset Manager each mapped asset will have a list of all historical alerts. Technicians will be able to easily access a particular device directly from SherpaDesk’s Asset Profile.


About ninja-title

NinjaOne RMM is the premiere Cloud RMM Software for MSPs and IT Pros. It gives users a modern and intuitive RMM platform so that MSPs and IT professionals can easily manage their devices, across all environments, from any location in the world.

NinjaOne RMM is designed so that MSP technicians can learn everything they need to start using NinjaOne's RMM cloud-based SaaS RMM tool during an hour-long training session. Spend less time training and more time monitoring remotely.

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