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What's a SherpaDesk?

At SherpaDesk we are proud of our ability to deliver customers something they have never tasted before: A world-class product with a beach chair attitude.

Our team is compromised of hard-working, efficient adventurers. We believe in balance, working from anywhere and attention to the nitty gritty details. We have dispelled the status quo of making crappy products/business models that scale fast and get acquired. We have laid the foundation for a profitable startup.

We are five years old, profitable, have ever taken on outside funding and are basically swimming in cash.

We hate taxes on our healthy profits so we are looking to expand our team to ensure more businesses around the world can taste career freedom and high-quality service like it should have been done decades ago.

You work when you want here. You get things done how you want here.

We sell Professional Services Automation Software. Our industry is full of enterprise losers who take their jobs too seriously and armbar potential customers into five year contracts because they enjoy crushing the businesses they work with.

That's not cool.

SherpaDesk is hiring. Employees get cool hats.

Apply today.



Product Support Technician | San Francisco, CA

The purpose of the position is to establish a deep understanding of the SherpaDesk solution in order to assist in customer request resolutions. The position will be focused in assisting in resolving issues and creating support resources that allow end users to resolve issues on their own. The position will also be focused on many other facets of the company from web design and implementation, UI, UX, feature development, and product support.


•Enhance customer knowledgebase articles, update help videos, screenshots, and content on the website
•Assist in providing support. Everyone does it and it keeps you on your toes.
•Research unsolved open software issues and provides solutions to customers and\or co-workers.
•Ensure new features are clear and completely documented to help customers help themselves.
•Confer with internal team and users to examine and provide remedies on issues with the help desk features and functionalities

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Customer Success Specialist | San Francisco, CA

SherpaDesk is looking for an experienced and passionate communicator who can make our customers glow with joy. 

As a Customer Success Specialist your main goal will be to help our customers grow. Whether this is provide user-friendly assistance for customers having technical problems, or a team who needs coaching, advice or training simply on difficulties they have within their business. You will provide technical support to users by researching and answering questions, troubleshooting problems, and guiding users through corrective steps.


Help develop client training programs by identifying common issues
•Understand our clients greatest desires during onboarding and create a powerful experience for their first 30 days
•Create KnowledgeBase articles and videos


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Front-end Web Developer | Atlanta, Georgia

We are looking to bring on an additional full-time Frontend Web Developer. You’d be responsible for coding pixel-perfect HTML and CSS, and adding to our cool web app. Attention to detail is crucial, as is a love for trying new techniques and working with our in-house design team to bring their vision to life.

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