SherpaDesk Reporting Helps Organizations
See and Understand Their Data in Real-time


SherpaDesk data reporting software delivers robust ad hoc reporting right where you need it, integrated seamlessly within your support application. Our solution makes adding real-time analytics fast and easy, and gives administrators the data they need when they need it.



Reports in  SherpaDesk



Customizable Reporting

Quickly create a library of dashboards and reusable metrics. Give your technicians the ability to customize their data views in real-time for their individual needs. Annotate, personalize, save, share, and schedule automatic, recurring delivery of reports.


Drag and drop design

Global and tile-specific filtering

Add tiles from existing libraries

Annotate dashboards with text tiles

Customizable Reporting





Display Dashboards




Display Dashboards

Enjoy dynamic and interactive dashboards to view critical information from multiple sources in a single view. Empower users to create and customize their own dashboards on-the-fly directly from their browser without relying on IT.







Track Costs

Track all costs associated with your service, including travel, labor, and other expenses. Use the simple "Time and Cost" report to determine how costs are affecting your business, and filter by technician, account, month, or priority.

Track Costs




Often times we want to access to the data in Excel. SherpaDesk allows us to export any of our data locally to run our own analytics.









Metrics that Matter

SherpaDesk data reporting software helps you stay on top of the metrics that matter most to your organization. Keep track of billable hours per technician or account, and review your company's response and completion performances through Service Level Agreements.

 Reports Metrics that Matter