A paragraph about why we exist

We were not born with the passion to create great software, that's not a thing you can be born with.

What we do love is simplifying things and letting people do their everyday job tasks in the most effective way possible. We love life. We are explorers and adventurers and believe in a career that enables freedom and relationships. Rather than disabling.

We care about design and aesthetics. We care about our buttons being in the right place, at the right time, for the right person.

We are motivated to deliver an exceptional product that makes keeping track of resources and customers way easier.

. We haven't taken on investor funding, not because we never needed it and not because we can't get it, but because we work hard to get things right. We have worked hard to create a stable profitable business with a steel core foundation that serves as a lifetime solution.

We've been at it 17 years and we aren't going anywhere but up.

The Team

est. 2001

But let's not talk boring buzzwords

It all started with a get rich quick scheme and a kilogram of illegal drugs.

Just kidding. But who knows, really?

Pat and Jon met in College at the University of Georgia (pronounced, Geor-juh) where their knack for building things struck quick. The two launched their own IT Support shop while still in school. After scaling their operations, shit hit the fan in 2001 during the dot com bubble. While looking for something a little more impactful that leveraged the vulnerable market, the two thought up bigWebApps, a professional services firm that provided developmental and support services.

Through the process of executing on this, the team grew. Eugene, a hard-core front end Dev pro was on-boarded alongside, X, X, X and X.

Soon thereafter, the guys discovered the big opportunity. Dealing with all of their nagging clients in a more effective manner. That's when things got interesting and a baby HelpDesk was born.

After raising this baby HelpDesk into a well-groomed profitable venture around 2010, the team made the big transition to a full service PSA Solution which was later launched in 2012.

They called it SherpaDesk.

Ever since, they have managed both tools, finally shutting down the bigWebApps HelpDesk in 2016.

Then they hired their first marketer.

The rest was history.

Patrick Clements

Founder and CEO

Pat is our patient and understanding CEO. A southern boy from Georgia living in San Francisco, he has a dog and is a true adventurer. He recently scored a sweet new house near a Jazz bar and we are convinced he'll soon take up trumpet lessons.
Ask Pat about living with patience and meaning.

Jon Vickers

Founder and CTO

Jon is our hard working CTO living in Atlanta, Georgia. Jon sometimes thinks the rest of the team, living in California, is a bunch of cheese balls but enjoys his ability to architect and develop world-class solutions. Jon is a creator at heart having run his own businesses since he was 20.
Ask Jon about creating products.

Michael 'Mikey Mike' Clements

Director of Sales

Mike, also from Georgia is our smoldering sales and support director living out of Los Angeles, CA. Having moved to the area nearly 10 years ago, Mike has pursued a career on the side in film and entertainment. Mike is a father of two, husband and active fitness enthusiast.
Ask Mike about life balance, this guy has got it!

Andrew Frawley

Content and Growth Strategist

Andrew moved to San Francisco in 2016 after growing up in Washington D.C. He likes to use writing, photography, and video to tell stories. An optimizer of life, he journals every day, meditates, takes cold showers and is always at flight-risk for travel to foreign countries.
Ask Andrew about lifestyle design.