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For Those About To Go Mobile: We Salute You!

By Patrick Clements (SherpaDesk Co-Founder & CEO)

The tribe has spoken, and we have heard you, loud and clear. What the people want is better mobile capabilities. The best in fact. And here at SherpaDesk, ever since our foundation, we have strived to give our users not just what they need, but what they want! And there is a difference.

Hear me out.

Henry Ford famously said that if he asked his customers what they needed, they would all ask for a faster horse. And that is because at the time when the Model T was on the drawing board, most of Ford´s potential customers couldn't imagine a world crisscrossed by freeways and chock full of cars carrying passengers in air-conditioned comfort. 

That is why we at SherpaDesk have always set a policy of asking our users, not what they need to do their jobs, but what they really want.  It’s a concept that we embraced on our spanking new and updated SherpaDesk Mobile app that we proudly present to you here!

SherpaDesk´s New Mobile App

Savvy IT and MSP managers know this: Mobile is king. Gone are the days when your average MSP team was to remain hidden in some basement server center like digital outcasts, waiting for tickets to arrive from the real world above where the sun still shines.

Successful  IT and MSP teams today are out and about. They visit customers' sites before a server breaks down because they've set up an RMM warning via a NinjaRMM + SherpaDesk integration, or they work in a large School District and are responsible for managing thousands of Chromebooks

As you can see, the opportunities for your techs to be out and about and mobile are endless, so they need a mobile app that´s as functional as they are. That is precisely where we've focused on our new and improved mobile app. We wanted to give IT teams the same power and capabilities they have at the office, on a desktop, but on the road, or on a customer visit, on their mobile phone or tablet.

Now, the best way to check out an app's capabilities is to take it for a test run, so go ahead and download our new SherpaDesk mobile app from the Apple Store and/or the Play Store and let´s run it through its paces.

SherpaDesk's New Mobile App Highlights



So now that you've downloaded the new SherpaDesk mobile app from the Play Store or the Apple store, let´s run through some of the new features.

The new SherpaDesk mobile app has all the previous features that you know and love, plus a few new ones that we're sure you'll love because our customers wanted them.

New & Updated Mobile UI/UX and Better Performance

We have redesigned our mobile app from the ground up with the busy IT tech in mind. We put ourselves in the shoes of an MSP tech out on a customer visit, away from the office and with only his smartphone or tablet at hand. What functionality would work best in this environment? We accomplished this mobile-first UI/UX design by extensively beta testing the app's design with live users in the field. We thank them for enabling us to fine-tune the UI/UX design to the exact specifications of a busy IT and MSP tech out on customer calls, enabling us to improve the app to offer better overall performance.

With our new mobile UI/UX design, users have all the SherpaDesk tools at their fingertips with a better look and feel.

Events & Expenses On The Move

Now your techs can better track their time and expenses on the road by simply using the SherpaDesk mobile app on their smartphone or tablet. We´ve added this much-requested functionality to make sure it does the job for your team every time, no matter where they are located.

Techs can now claim expenses out in the field with the new and improved SherpaDesk mobile app.


Techs can keep track of all their tickets, ToDos, and events while traveling with the new and improved SherpaDesk Mobile App.

Add Billable Time On The Road

With the new SherpaDesk mobile app, techs don't have to wait till they get back to the office in order to file billable hours for a job at a remote site. They now simply pull out their smartphone right from a customer's location and add their billable time while it´s still fresh in everyone's mind. Then get paid faster by remotely billing and sending invoices out to QuickBooks.

Techs can now add billable time right from a customer´s remote location.

A New World Of Mobile Power

So there you have it, a new world of mobile power and efficiency for your IT and MSP team. You asked, we delivered. That´s how we roll. We also believe in training your team on how to use our software, including our new mobile app, so feel free to use and share the link to our knowledgebase article about our mobile app, or even better, sign up your team for a free Demo. We run scheduled Demos twice a week and can accommodate special times for larger groups in order to get everyone up to speed quickly.

We hope and expect that you´ll enjoy your new mobile power. So go get 'em. And if you or your team has any questions, please reach out to us at

We pride ourselves on always having someone with extensive knowledge of our tools ready to help you on the other end.


Sincerely, Patrick Clements, SherpaDesk CEO.


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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk