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Spend time
building your business,
not managing your
support tools

SherpaDesk is an easier to use alternative to Autotask. Here are a few reasons to consider switching.

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SherpaDesk is an easier to use alternative to Autotask




SherpaDesk is easier than way-too-complicated Autotask

Your time is a valuable resource and it should be focused on growing your company. The last thing you need is to spend time managing your support tools. The simplicity in setting up SherpaDesk, the ease of use for your clients to create support tickets and the deep integrations into leading business solutions allow you to focus on what you love doing: Growing Your Business. Not spending time on things you don’t.

SherpaDesk is easier than way-too-complicated Autotask




Tier One Technician at
Chattanooga Times Free Press

“We have used SherpaDesk for a few years now and the transition has been seamless. The company holds itself to a high standard that they continuously achieve. The customer interface is easy to use and teach to our employees and easy to use on the technician side. The company continues to make us happy with our decision to go with them.”



CTO - Technology Solutions

“We have been using SherpaDesk for almost a year and are pleased with the ease and flexibility of the system. It's very good value for the money and we are able to track support requests, projects, users, and inventory.”



IT Consultant, Security - Consus SRL

“I need to take care of my customers, I need to track whenever they call me or send me email requests and track time spent for assistance. I needed something super fast and easy to use real time while receiving phone calls, emails or doing remote/on-site assistance. I spent 3 months testing different solutions before deciding on SherpaDesk.”





Sherpadesk is more
personal for your customers

You love your customers and want to provide the best personalized service for them. SherpaDesk seamlessly integrates into your email and all of your threaded conversation is added to a ticket’s history log. Multiple drop boxes mean you can have customer questions routed to a service technicians while server alerts can be routed to another team.

Sherpadesk is more personal for your customers




SherpaDesk is built for small teams

When your service automation tool is complicated, it can add hours of wasted time not just during setup, but also in day to day management of your company. Your team needs to be able to quickly respond to customer issues, log billable and non-billable time and track expenses. SherpaDesk is lightweight enough to easily perform key functions, but robust enough to manage your business.

SherpaDesk is built for small teams



Easily add time and expenses

Add time over email, mobile or from the web. Make sure billable time or expenses don't fall through the cracks.

Assign others to help collaborate

Add or transfer tickets to team members to assist in resolutions. Everyone gets alerted on updates or changes.

Evaluate technician’s performance

Technicians are able to compare themselves against how the rest of the company is performing.



SherpaDesk is Affordable with Straightforward Pricing



SherpaDesk is Affordable with Straightforward Pricing

SherpaDesk’s pricing is not hidden and we don’t require you to talk to a salesperson for a demo first before you can get a quote. The first tech license is always FREE and then for each additional agent it’s $39/month. This includes remote management, mobile device access and QuickBooks integration. No initiation fees or annual commitment.



Here are a Few More Reasons to Switch from Autotask

Here are a Few More Reasons to Switchт