The SherpaDesk QuickBooks Integration Q&A


At SherpaDesk, we're constantly on the lookout for the best integrations that will help our users run their business more efficiently. Today we're talking to Mike Clements, SherpaDesk's Director of Sales, about our QuickBooks Online integration and how to get the most out of it.

Hi, my name is Mike Clements, I'm one of the account managers here at SherpaDesk and today we're answering some questions about some of our key integrations with SherpaDesk: QuickBooks.

We've got some questions that our SherpaDesk community has asked us and we're going to answer them for you.

1- Why Did SherpaDesk Want To Integrate With QuickBooks?



When we started looking at all the different accounting packages out there, we quickly saw that QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online were the market leaders for small to medium-sized businesses. After looking at Intuit’s focus on building out the QBO platform and expanding on its API libraries, then it just made sense for the SherpaDesk community to integrate with their (QuickBooks) accounting package and provide that as an integration option to the SherpaDesk community.

2-What Challenges Did You Face For the QuickBooks Integration To Work?


Well initially when we started doing the integration a couple years ago, the QuickBooks Online API library was pretty limited, so our integration was pretty limited. However, over the last few years they've really built out their API library, allowing us to have a deeper integration (with QuickBooks). By working with Intuit’s team we've been able to implement a one-click pass over of all aggregated time expenses, travel rate plans, and notes into one consolidated invoice in SherpaDesk.

SherpaDesk can easily aggregate all your accounting data and easily pass that over into QuickBooks with one click. 

3-How Can Small Businesses Benefit from The SherpaDesk QuickBooks Integration?



With the deep integration that we have with QuickBooks Online into SherpaDesk, we're able to easily track all billable time, expenses and travel. All your technicians really have to do is log their billable time and expenses, either from the comfort of their desk, or remotely, out in the field. SherpaDesk handles all the rate plan calculations and the contracting, while QuickBooks Online handles all the invoicing and Accounts Payable. I talk to customers all the time, and most small professional service firms can handle all of their company's business by just implementing email, SherpaDesk and QuickBooks Online integration.

4-How Will The SherpaDesk/QuickBooks Integration Ease The Pain Points That Small & Medium Sized Businesses Face?



We talk to our customers all the time, and one of the biggest pain points they're telling us is that it's tough for them to manage all of their contracts and rate plans for all their customers. This is where SherpaDesk really excels. You can go in and set up customizable contracts and rate plans for each one of your customers.  With our QuickBooks online integration, we’ve developed a one-click sync that sends all the invoice data over to QuickBooks with a simple click of the mouse.

5-Where Do You See The SherpaDesk/QuickBooks Partnership Heading?



As we continue to strengthen our relationship with Intuit, you're going to see better time tracking, better expenses tracking, and better rate plan management. Ultimately, any changes that are going to be made in QuickBooks are going to be reflected in SherpaDesk, and any changes made in SherpaDesk, are going to be reflected in QuickBooks. Now, where we see the most explosive growth is in mobile. Most professional service firms are moving into adding more remote technicians, and what we want our technicians to be able to do is to be able to quickly invoice their customers, so that they get paid faster.

Parting Words

Hope this Q&A was helpful for learning a little bit more about QuickBooks Online integration with SherpaDesk. Stay tuned for another upcoming video that will show you how to integrate QuickBooks online into SherpaDesk.

If you have any further questions feel free to hit us up at our sub-reddit (r/sherpadesk), and you can always contact us at:



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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk