Get Smart: SherpaDesk's Smart Contracting

By Patrick Clements

 No one has ever said that being an entrepreneur or IT Manager is easy; you have multiple customers to serve, and each customer has unique issues and needs.

Some customers may have smaller needs, so a check-in once a week to make sure their systems are still humming along is enough. But other customers require more of your team's attention. They could be migrating servers; or perhaps they were the victims of a spyware attack and required your team's full attention for two weeks straight.

The Smart Solution

The point is that because your customers have different needs, you need to invoice them all differently. It's not a setup and forget it situation. That's why we developed SherpaDesk's Smart Contracting feature to be able to create multiple recurring invoices for your customers.

But keeping track of multiple recurring billing items for each one of your customers every month can be a real pain. With the SherpaDesk Smart Contracting feature, each contract can include rate plans, recurring expense items, mileage rates, and pre-paid packs. This ensures that you're accurately keeping track of all your billable services and rates so you can get paid faster, while helping you stay focused on helping your customers.

How To Set-Up SherpaDesk's Smart Contracting Feature

Get Smart: Check out this video that will walk you through how to set up SherpaDesk's Smart Contracting Feature.

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk