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Are you an IT or MSP professional struggling with a specific issue or seeking helpful advice? Look no further than SherpaDesk's Co-Founder and CEO, Patrick Clements. With years of experience in the business and a commitment to listening to his customers, Patrick has noticed that many IT and MSP professionals are turning to r/MSP for answers to their questions. In response, he has made it his mission to help the community by selecting a few questions each week and providing educated, thoughtful answers based on his extensive experience in the field. Patrick's insights will be invaluable if you're new to the industry or a seasoned pro. 


Let´´'s Check Out Some Of The Questions Patrick Answered Last  Week On r/MSP:



Pick Patricks Brain_2QUESTION:
Hiring our first dedicated T1 Helpdesk; any advice?


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Yeah, so hiring is super tricky. Especially when you are small or a startup. You need to have a process in place and the experience to be able to vet someone out fully. It comes down to “you win some/you lose some.” However, you must be prepared to let people know they can be more successful in other places. 

Things that I look for in a Tier1 tech would be:
1 - Look for candidates who have excellent communication skills: Since Tier 1 support representatives will be the first point of contact for customers, it's essential that they are able to communicate effectively and clearly. Look for articulate, empathetic candidates who explain technical concepts in layman's terms.
2 - Technical Skills: The candidate must have a basic understanding/domain expertise of what we are doing and the platform. Finding candidates who have experience in troubleshooting common technical issues and can provide solutions to common problems would be 101.
3 - Customer service skills: Reps should be able to handle customer complaints and inquiries professionally and courteously. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service, so they must match our track record here.
4 - Ability to learn quickly: Our platform (and industry) is constantly changing, and it's essential that these reps can keep up with the latest developments. They have to show an affinity for learning.
5 - Teamwork and collaboration: This may be obvious, since they will be working closely with other support staff, they must be able to work well in a team environment.
6 - Attention to detail: This is key. They have to be able to focus and pay attention – listen to what is being asked. Being detail-oriented helps as we want to accurately document the support issue if it needs a resolution from the engineers.



Pick Patricks Brain_2QUESTION:
ConnectWise onboarding, we're already nearly 5 months in and still unable to use the product


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One of the main complaints we hear about Connectwise from users is its complexity: Some users think it is overly complex and challenging to navigate, and extensive training is needed to become comfortable with it.
Pricing - it can be too expensive for small businesses or those just starting out.
Customer Support  -  Getting timely and effective customer support seems to be an issue
Bugs and Glitches - They have their fair share of bugs and glitches
Lack of Integrations - I have seen that some people complain about their integration with QuickBooks.
The issues above are not unique to Connectwise, and can affect anyone in the industry. That's why we at SherpaDesk like to keep our focus on the aspects that make our product work well for our users, like, for example:

• Affordable Pricing
• Ease of use
• Full functionality
• Deep integration with our 3rd party solutions, especially QuickBooks Online
• Feature-rich mobile app



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How do you deal with owners/executives/managers who want exceptions from their security policies?


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Hmm..this one is interesting. Security policies are implemented for a reason, and exceptions should only be granted when necessary.

Here's how I would handle this situation:

 - You must first listen to their concerns before giving a wholesale dismissal. Executives have a higher view of the company, so making an exception could make sense for a particular security-savvy executive who knows what he's doing (as long as there's a good reason).

 - Find a way to educate your customers on why the policies are being used in the first place. Security policies are there to play the long game of mitigating future disasters.

 - If an exception is made…make sure you get complete buy-in from everyone and even document the change. 

 - Continue monitoring and reviewing the change to see if it  opens up a vulnerability.


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