New SherpaDesk Features for 2019

Here at SherpaDesk, our philosophy has always been to continually develop new features to help you run your business. We also have a policy of listening to all our users in order to learn which one of our upcoming features should be prioritized for development. Below is a list of the top five features our team is currently working on for 2019.

Which of the features below are you most interested in? How would you like them to be used in your organization?

To make it a bit more fun, we have some cool Yeti hats to give away to randomly selected voters!


Top Five SherpaDesk New Features For 2019



We’ve created a new role called Contractors. This feature will enable our users to easily invite contractors to work within their instance on tickets, ToDo’s and projects. Contractors would then be able to participate in SherpaDesk instances on a restricted and limited basis, enabling them to work on any assigned ticket and to log their time on that particular account.

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We are working on integrating SherpaDesk’s dates and times with the leading calendar tools (i.e., Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal). The integrated calendar would be able to show events such as:

Follow Ups Due Dates SLA Completion Date Scheduled Tickets Creation Date • Closure Date

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We’re always looking at ways to improve time capturing and billing. We want to make it easy for technicians to enter their time on their desktop, or from mobile devices, within chrome extensions or even over email. Users should be able to accumulate these billable and nonbillable events and then quickly export them into leading third-party accounting systems.

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This feature enables users to easily set up and monitor a project’s workload and profitability. Users will be able to define a project, estimate hours, estimate costs, estimate an invoice amount, assign ToDo’s and tickets. As work gets completed, users will be able to see the total magnitude of work done, % of project completion and profitability.

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This feature enables mobile technicians to quickly and effectively respond to customer issues, track time & expenses and invoice customers while out in the field. With seamless integration with the leading payment processors, this feature will let mobile technicians accept payment while out in the field.

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We will be announcing the results of this vote at the end of April 2019. The winning features will be fast-tracked for release so that you can focus on doing what you do best: Taking care of your customers.

And don’t forget: We'll be selecting a few random voters to win a cool Yeti hat!*

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

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