Developer’s Corner: Mobile SherpaDesk App Updates

by Eugene Tolmachov

We Have New Updates to The SherpaDesk Mobile App: Invoicing, Expenses, Non-working Time, Call to Tech & more.

Our developers are continually working on ways of improving the user experience of our mobile (and desktop) app. We do this by listening to our user's needs and working towards a solution to help make their UI/UX experience as intuitive as possible. The updates below were launched on December 17th, 2018 and are currently live on all mobile devices.


New SherpaDesk Mobile Features:

1. Ready to Invoice Tab

We’ve improved the usability of our mobile app by adding a ‘Ready to Invoice’ section. Techs can now see a queue of invoices that need to be reviewed before being sent out to the customers. Techs can now switch between invoices that have been delivered to the ones that need to be reviewed.

Hot tip: Techs can now access invoices from the Accounts page. This will show only invoices related to the current account. Also when creating invoices from the Accounts page, the mobile app will automatically pre-populate the account name.


2. Call Now Feature

If a tech or user has a phone number stored in their profile, he or she can now start a call directly with a single tap on their smartphone by using the ‘Call Now’ button.


3. Transfer Notes

Techs can now add transfer notes when they transfer a ticket to other techs.


4. Add Response Time To Each Ticket Response

This is a popular request we’ve finally added to the mobile app! Many users have asked us to include the log time in ticket communications. This makes the time easy to read when a response gets posted.


5. Add Time When Closing Tickets

We’ve included a restriction to force a time entry when closing out tickets. Administrators can enable this requirement to make sure that techs add their time before they complete a ticket and close it out.


6. Individual Ticket Email Address.

Some users need access to the individual ticket email address. Now techs can copy the unique ticket email with one tap.


7. Non-working Time

Adding non-working time has long been a feature of our main desktop app. We’ve now included this option on our mobile solution. Techs are now able to submit non-working time through the mobile app.


Some Upcoming Updates We’re Currently Working On

Create invoices on the go

Mobile: Filtered Searches on todos, time logs, accounts, locations, and queues

Add CC option when Closing tickets

We’re working hard to make it easier for you to run your business and we're really excited to continue to improve SherpaDesk. Let us know what other features you would like to see on SherpaDesk to help you succeed.

Eugene & the SherpaDesk Team


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By Eugene

API & Mobile Engineer at SherpaDesk