How to Make Project Management Software Work For You

By Florin R. Ferrs (Tech Writer)

Savvy IT pros understand the benefits of having good project management software. But there are so many project management software tools on the market that finding that perfect fit will require some time and effort.


The truth is that many project management solutions out there can be similar to dinner box subscriptions. After a lot of effort following an unfamiliar recipe, your dinner plate never looks like the professionally plated version on their website. That's when you realize that it's a lot easier (and healthier for you, your wallet, and the planet) to simply order delivery from your local hole in the wall.


That's why IT pros need to take the time to research and test different project management systems to figure out which one is right for their businesses.

Let's explore the good, the bad, and the ugly truths about selecting the right project management software for your IT business and how to make sure that your new project management software works for you and your team.

One Place For Your Team To Collaborate

Nowadays, many IT helpdesk and MSP companies face the reality of having to evolve to survive. One recurring challenge is that your tech team's workflows have to be adaptable to the ever-changing expectations of new clients. You need project management software to help your tech team adapt to each new customer's unique requirements. One of the best ways to do that is by selecting a project management software that offers strong collaboration and customization capabilities, enabling your technicians to customize their data views in real-time for their individual needs while still being able to collaborate with the rest of their team.

Think About The Problems You're Trying To Solve

Project management software can change how your team works by helping techs stay on track as they handle different projects. However, not all project management software is created equal. Some work better with simple projects, while others are specially designed to help your team handle many tasks simultaneously.

Project Management Bod 1With that in mind, you have to understand that project management is not just software. Having a solid Agile Project Management approach will help your tech team tackle tasks in a more methodical and efficient way.

It's also essential to think about how you want to use the software, whether you want a program that works well on the cloud, and what features on their menu of tools are most important for your IT helpdesk or MSP business.

Always Delegate Tasks 

Some managers think their authority could be at risk once they start using project management software. But successful managers delegate. That's why the real power of a good project management software is to give managers and supervisors a centralized bird's eye look at all the tickets and tasks required to complete a job and how well balanced the workload distribution is.

Know Your Workflow 

Your tech team is your most valuable resource, and if you want to help them get better results, your job as an IT leader is to provide them with a workflow that suits their capabilities.

Rad Transparency bod 2Having a clear idea of how your IT team works and their strengths and weaknesses will be crucial when making decisions, avoiding mistakes, and helping your team achieve the efficiency your company needs. A good project management software with a Kanban board-style centralized control point will allow IT managers to deploy their resources more effectively while prioritizing what really matters.

Integrate Your Project Management With Other Apps

Many IT teams use Google Calendar and other tech tools to supplement their project management software. Choosing a project management software that enables integrations with Google calendar and other apps will allow your tech team to improve their workflow, save valuable time, and raise overall efficiency.

Enter SherpaDesk's Project Management Tool 

SherpaDesk's project management feature enables IT Helpdesk and PSA teams to organize their client's support requests, assign tasks, and track time logs, expenses, and notes in one central location so that IT managers can track progress and costs in real-time.

But SherpaDesk's PSA solution goes well beyond simple project management. The SherpaDesk team is passionate about helping IT businesses succeed, so they've developed a suite of PSA tools specifically designed to make it easier for tech pros to manage their IT helpdesk and MSP workflows.

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Florin R. Ferrs
By Florin R. Ferrs

Florin is a technology writer based in Silicon Valley.