Contract Detail Report & Happy Holidays

By Patrick Clements

Having the ability to review the status of all your open contracts at a glance was a much-requested feature for SherpaDesk. So we're happy to announce that our new Contract Detail Report feature is live. Now SherpaDesk users can review all their relevant contracts in one single report.

Our customers reached out to us about creating a report to help them manage their contracts. Since we have this habit (and policy) of listening to our users, we went to work on it, and now we're glad to announce that our Contract Detail Report is ready. Go to the reports section in the SherpaDesk app and click on Contract Detail Report. Users will now be able to review all their contracts by date range, billing methods, status, and more. Having the ability to review the status of all your contracts at a glance is an extremely useful feature for busy IT Managers and business owners.

Check out the video below for a quick walk-through of our new Contract Detail Report feature.

Happy Holidays

SherpaDesk Top Blogs Of 2019

This holiday season, we wanted to take a quick look back at our top blogs of 2019 based on our users' feedback and online traffic. If you have a particular type of blog that you feel we should do more of in 2020, let us know in the comments section below, and we'll get to work to deliver the content you want in the new year!

How To Make HTML Videos Run Smoothly

This blog from our "Developer's Corner" series was the most popular of 2019. In it, our chief developer runs through some tips and tricks (plus some clever coding) on how to make HTML videos run smoothly. Enjoy!

Improve Your Helpdesk With SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

This blog, by our UK-based tech writer Jordie Black, was our third most popular of 2019 (the second most popular was Top IT Conferences of 2019, keep an eye on the upcoming Top Tech Conferences of 2020).

In this blog, Jordi demonstrates the benefits of using SOPs as part of your onboarding and day to day procedures. This way, your entire team understands who is responsible for completing tasks and how they should be done. This leads to an increase in efficiency and a better quality of support.

Nine Ways To Create Transparency With Clients

This was our fourth most popular blog of 2019. In it, we explore why we have a policy of complete transparency with our clients here at SherpaDesk, and how it can benefit your business (here's a hint, because it has helped ours!). 

The Most Common IT Helpdesk Issues

In this, our fifth most popular blog of 2019, tech writer Jordie Black explores the most common IT Helpdesk issues and how setting up SOPs and other techniques will help you free up more time to run your business.

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk