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By Patrick Clements

You must know by now that at SherpaDesk we make an effort to listen to our customers.

We do the listening because we want to find out what our customers require from their PSA software. We want to find out what features they need and what tools we can improve. That way we can strive to create a PSA software that fits your needs because it was built with your needs in mind.

SherpaDesk New Features Dec 2019

Two Factor Authentication
This was a feature that our customers asked for to help improve their user's security, and now we're pleased to announce that this extra layer of protection is available to them under their user profile. 2FA  was implemented to provide another layer of protection and to prevent your user's and customer's credentials from being compromised.

NinjaRMM V2
Our NinjaRMM integration is one of our most popular integrated features, enabling IT managers to monitor the health of their customer's devices remotely. This update brings even more features to our NinjaRMM integration to help you evaluate your NinjaRMM alerts right from your SherpaDesk console.

Reporting Updates

We wanted to make reporting more useful and streamlined. With this new feature, you will be able to select multiple techs at the same time to create bird's eye view reports of what your team is up to at any given time.

Check out the video below that will walk you through SherpaDesk's latest updates.

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk