Tools IT Managers Need to Support Remote Workers & Students

By Mike Clements

(SherpaDesk’s Sales & Customer Service Director)

As millions of former office workers worldwide are set to continue working remotely from home more or less permanently or semi-permanently, IT Managers are presented with the ongoing challenge of keeping the tech wheels turning as seamlessly as possible without the benefit of hands-on interactions. Add to this universities moving to an online learning environment for the foreseeable future (with primary schools joining them next) and pretty soon the demands on IT managers and their teams to keep all these remote systems and assets working flawlessly can become pretty overwhelming.

But IT Managers are nothing but resourceful, and furthermore, we’ve got their backs with a suite of tools and integrations powered by SherpaDesk and our partners that are specifically designed to handle even the most demanding remote work challenges that can be thrown at your team. 

Remote Notifications: Email Parser Alerts 

To better support remote devices, SherpaDesk has updated its Remote Alerts Feature to run independently of NinjaRMM (or any other RMM tool).

With SherpaDesk’s Remote Alert’s Feature, IT managers and their techs can now support remote alerts via SherpaDesk’s email parser feature. With this feature, IT managers are able to setup email addresses for any device they wish to monitor remotely for failures (servers, routers, hard drives, etc.).                           PCs

Remote devices are able to send email notifications to your team that automatically get converted into tickets. IT managers can then monitor these alerts within SherpaDesk’s Alerts panel and distribute them as tickets to their teams as needed. 

Remote Monitor and Management: NinjaRMM Integration 

NinjaRMM is the premier tool for remote IT monitoring and management. By integrating it with SherpaDesk you get the best of both worlds with an easy integration of all the devices your team manages in NinjaRMM into SherpaDesk’s Asset Manager interface in order to see real-time vitals and perform instant diagnostics.               ninja

With our SherpaDesk/NinjaRMM integration, all your NinjaRMM alerts will be automatically synced to SherpaDesk so that your techs can parse through these alerts, escalate them into tickets, assign them to projects and even run invoicing and billing for their services. 

Remote Assistance: Live Chat & Remote Desktop

With their teams (and their customers) spread all over the country (and the world), IT Managers and their techs face the challenge of communicating and collaborating in real-time on tickets and projects, be it with their customers, or among members of their own team.

To solve this, SherpaDesk’s Remote Assistance tool includes a feature that enables techs to use chat, web conferencing, or a remote desktop take-over to communicate with each other, or to offer personalized support to your customers, no matter where in the world they are working or studying remotely.                                          Zoom 3

SherpaDesk’s Remote Assistance tool includes a Remote Session feature that enables techs to take control of their customer’s desktop or show their own desktop during support video calls.                 

Asset Management & Inventory Tracking 

In this brave new world of the ‘new normal’, IT managers face the challenge of a workforce spread all across the globe. So how can they keep track of all the hardware that’s been checked out of the office for home use? All the laptops, desktops, routers, monitors, and even printers?                     trolley

With SherpaDesk’s Asset Manager tool, your team will no longer wonder where in the world certain IT equipment is, or who’s responsible for a particular asset. This tool lets your team run audits by scanning cartfuls (and even roomfuls) of laptops, monitors, routers and other assets via barcode scanning. Techs can use a handheld android device to scan all assets before they are assigned to remote workers or students and also to keep track of when these assets are returned.

Parting Words

We know that with remote work and study becoming ubiquitous, it can be tough out there for IT managers and their teams who are now facing a complete re-focus of their assets to be able to support remote operations 100% of the time. That’s why we’re constantly working on developing tools and integrations to help IT managers and their techs meet these new challenges head-on and beat the competition. 

If you or your team have any questions, suggestions or new ideas on how we can help your team continue to thrive in this new work from home environment don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: Support@Sherpadesk.comMike clements cartoon


Sincerely, Mike Clements


(SherpaDesk’s Sales & Customer Service Director)


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Michael Clements
By Michael Clements

Michael is SherpaDesk's Sales & Customer Service Director.