Quick Guide to RMM Software


An IT Superhero’s Quick
Guide to RMM Software

Remote work has quickly become the new norm and, for IT leaders, this presents a whole new crop of security and logistical challenges. How can you possibly manage and protect all your endpoints when they’re in a hundred different places? Enter RMM software: Your new favorite sidekick.


What is RMM?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software

is a solution that allows IT pros to manage and monitor endpoints across multiple users. It gives you insight into information like:

If a user’s antivirus is out of date

If an asset is underperforming

If equipment is approaching its end-of-life


69% of managed service providers believe RMM is critical for small-to-medium-sized businesses.1


Who Needs RMM Software?

RMM software is best for IT pros who need to...

Manage several laptops, servers, and other hardware assets

Help non-technical remote end-users solve tech issues

View the status of all devices and machines at once

Quickly restrict or grant access and permissions

Take control of endpoints via remote access

Automate daily tasks to boost efficiency

Remotely patch vulnerabilities

Basically, it gives you and your team superpowers.

What are the Benefits of RMM?

   Five of the top benefits of RMM software include...

      1 Arms you with data for more informed decision-making

               2 Allows you to monitor everything at once

                        3 Assists in reducing downtime and lost revenue

                                 4 Promotes improved cybersecurity and compliance

                                          5 Helps you be more proactive and efficient

What to Consider When
Choosing RMM Software

Top three things to consider when selecting your RMM solution:

Integrations Customization User Experience

Success in an Increasingly Remote World

Remote work is here to stay, and it’s crucial your IT is set up to support the new normal. By investing in a reliable RMM software solution, you can ensure you’re prepared for whatever’s next.


Ready For Your New Sidekick?

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SOURCES [1] Datto 2019 State of the MSP Report

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Carrie Dagenhard
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