Results From Our New Features For 2019 Survey

We have a policy at SherpaDesk, and that is to continue developing new features to help you run your business and make you more efficient and profitable.


What New Features Should We Prioritize For 2019?

Our traditional way of prioritizing new features for development was based on several internal factors, like availability of resources.  But that made us think. Perhaps there was a better way?

What if we ask our users what new features they need right now to run their business?

So we did. We asked our users to vote on which new features we should prioritize for development in 2019.

What New Features We should prioritize For 2019?

1-New Contractors Feature:

This feature will allow you to easily invite contractors to work within your instance on tickets.

2-Web Calendars Integration:

This feature will allow for seamless integration of SherpaDesk’s dates and times with the leading calendar tools (Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal).

3-Improved Invoicing & Billing:

This feature will enable techs to enter their time and billable and non-billable events through the desktop app, mobile, chrome extension or email.

4-Project Management:

This feature will enable users to easily set up and monitor a project’s workload and profitability, estimate hours, costs, invoicing, and assign ToDo’s and tickets to other team members.

5-Mobile Updates:

This feature will enable techs to easily respond to customer issues, track time, expenses, invoice, and also easily accept payment while out in the field via our mobile app.

And The Winners Are...

Check out the short video below to find out how our users voted on which new features to prioritize for release in 2019.


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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk