How To Retain Your IT Helpdesk Support Staff This Holiday Season


How To Retain Your IT Support
Staff This Holiday Season

More than 50% of global organizations struggle to retain their most valued employees during the holiday season. This percentage is even worse in the tech industry, and it reaches its peak in January. The good news? Holiday miracles are possible!  Here are some tips  we've put together in a handy                             infographic  to help you retain your support staff this holiday season.


Don’t Let ‘Festive Stress’ Fester

Heart attacks peak in December and January and 1/3 of Americans say they would rather skip the holidays altogether.

Offer More Flexibility

Consider flex scheduling

Give employees paid holiday vacation time

Allow employees to work from home

Close the office on days beyond federal holidays

81% OF EMPLOYEES feel that they would be more productive during the holiday season if they could work from home or have flex scheduling.

Don’t Raise The Bar — Yet

Employee burnout is responsible for up to 50% of annual workforce turnover.

Schedule projects around holiday time off

Set goals for before or after the holiday season

Get an early jump on year-end obligations

Confront Festive Stress Head On

Conduct a mindfulness workshop

Bring in a yoga instructor

Announce an open-door policy for employees to approach leadership comfortably

Schedule “active” breaks to get your employees up and walking and stretching


Don’t Be a Scrooge

A holiday ham isn’t going to cut it. Use this time to validate that your employees’ compensation is at market value and that it refflects their performance.

35% OF EMPLOYEES said they’d look for a new job if they did not receive a pay raise in the next year.

44% OF EMPLOYEES would consider a job offer from a different company for a raise of 20% or less.


 Conduct New Year Career Planning

42% OF EMPLOYEES say learning and development is the most important benefit when deciding where to work, followed by health insurance.

93% OF EMPLOYEES move companies to change roles.


Recognise Employees Achievements

49% OF EMPLOYEES feel that being recognized for their achievements is “very” or “extremely” important.

Words of affirmation are the No.1 preferred reward for remote and on-site workers, followed by quality time, acts of service, and lastly — tangible gifts.

OVER 80% OF HR LEADERS say employee recognition programs positively impact work culture and employee engagement.


Find Out What Employees
Think About Management

ALMOST 50% OF EMPLOYEES said they would quit because of bad management.


By giving employees a voice and making them a part of the review process, you empower them and give them a reason to invest thoughts, emotions, and wants in the company.


Gather a Holiday Wishlist

A better platform for invoicing. A more sophisticated
   project and task management solution. A new coffee
      machine. Casual Fridays. Find out what improvements can
         be made to keep your employees happy. Giving them the
             gift of productivity is a holiday treat for them and you!

Companies that invest in the employee experience are 4x more profitable than those that don’t.

Make this your most prosperous year yet! If
   software solutions are top of the employee
      wish-list this year, visit SherpaDesk and
         check out the best all-in-one tool for         small business professional services. Happy Holidays!




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