Developer's Corner: Mobile  Updates

by Eugene Tolmachov (SherpaDesk IT Developer)

We’re happy to announce new updates to our SherpaDesk mobile app. Now users will be able to see and manage their profile, assign tickets to contractors, use tech only responses & more.

At SherpaDesk, our developers are continuously working on ways to improve the user experience of our mobile (and desktop) app. We do this by listening to our user's needs and working towards a solution that makes our UI/UX experience as intuitive as possible.

Important about API limits

Be aware of the request limits of our API.
You can get a maximum of 250 records in one response. By default, you only get 25 records.

We will enforce to use maximum 250 records per page
from 1st August 2019!

Please use Content-Range header to create paging.
Also we allow only a maximum of 10 concurrent requests, with a max of 30 requests in the last 5 seconds to prevent DDoS attacks.

You can also get a maximum of 100 records in one response. By default, you only get 25 records.

Complete info about paging and limits available here. 

The updates below are currently live on all mobile devices.


New SherpaDesk Mobile Features:


1. User Profile and Queue Customizations


Now users have access to their profile data and are able to customize app notifications on the Dashboard.

You can show any queue on the Dashboard and adjust notifications of specific queues.

Hot tip: If you click on hours stat in your profile, you’ll go to the time screen to see a detailed list of all your timelogs.


2. Create Recipients for Invoices


You are now able to add any existing users, or invite others to be accounting contacts.


3. Contractors as Ticket Techs


You can now assign tickets and time to contractors in a selected account.

Hot tip: You can also log time and create tickets as an additional tech or contractor.


4. Tech Only Responses


This is a popular feature that is now available on our mobile app. Techs can create posts and discussions on various specific topics related to a ticket.


5. Timelogs & Internal Notes


We’ve included a new feature to add Internal notes to timelogs. They are only visible to techs.


6. New updated iOS 12.1 Compatible Version Now Available In The AppStore

We've updated our mobile app in the AppStore


We’re always working hard to make it easier for you to run your business, and we're focused on improving SherpaDesk’s usability. Let us know what other features you would like to see on SherpaDesk to help you succeed.

Eugene & the SherpaDesk Team


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By Eugene

API & Mobile Engineer at SherpaDesk