SaaS vs On-Premise

Ready To Move  To The Cloud?

To help you make an informed decision, we've created this handy infographic with the pros and cons of moving to the cloud vs. keeping it in-house.

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Sherpadesk-logo Should
You Go
cloud-man Premise-man
How Do They
Bill Customers?
‘Pay as you go’ or
‘pay per user’
Licensing, maintenance fees,
ongoing support fees
Market Availability
/Barriers to Entry
Scale as you need. Pricing plans to support all types of organizations Need to cover the costs of implementing. Generally, target larger, enterprise organizations
Are You Locked
Into a Plan?
Leave before your
next billing data
Leaving is usually difficult
and expensive
Who Owns It?
You rent the software
You own the software
Disaster Recovery
You can switch vendors
in an instance
If something happens, you need to implement a whole new system. This can be a problem if the IT system is crucial to your business.
Typical Investment No up front costs Many upfront costs
Infrastructure Bandwidth and browser
capable devices
Bandwidth and browser capable devices, data center servers, application servers
Implementation Online implementation Technical infrastructure,
testing, software rollout
Administer the software to your company and configure it to your needs Administer the software to your company, configure it to your needs, implement any customization, upgrade when needed, add relevant patches.
How Scalable is it? Add or remove users
whenever you need
Scale through vendor account
management processes
How Secure is it? They manage security themselves. The software is responsible for any breaches As secure as you make it. You need to maintain your own security. You’re responsible for any breaches
What Power
Does it Use?
Browser capable devices
(laptops, desktops etc)
Data centers, infrastructure, browser capable devices (laptops, desktops etc)

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