Projects Feature Updates

We have a policy at SherpaDesk that every one of our team members has taken to heart.


Always listen to our users.


So when our users reached out asking for a more visual way to track the profitability of their projects, we not only listened, we delivered.

Projects Dashboard

With our new Projects Dashboard feature, you'll be able to track all your projects' income, expenses, profitability and billable hours. This new feature will make it easier for you and your team to stay on top of your profitability and goals.

Projects BoardList

This cool new feature delivers a birds-eye view of all your projects and their current status, so that they can be prioritized or assigned, all at a glance.

Check out the short video below for more info on these exciting new features designed to help you stay on top of your business's goals.


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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk