Time To Make The Switch

By Patrick Clements (SherpaDesk's CEO)

Every successful business owner, entrepreneur, and IT manager has reached the critical point in their career where they realize that sticking with legacy software, systems, hardware or processes has started to become an albatross around their necks.

"It's Not Me, It's You!"

That's when the time comes to use that famous phrase & make the switch from your bloated legacy PSA & RMM system to something that actually works for your business.

An Albatross Around Your Neck?

This is a well-known issue in tech, but time and time again we see the same albatross rear its ugly head as it threatens to drag your startup, career, and/or IT support business to that ship graveyard at the bottom of the Wayback Machine where failed IT endeavors end up.

The question really should be: Why do smart and competent IT professionals stick with legacy software and processes that have not only stopped helping their business grow but have started to hinder them?

The root causes can be complicated, from simple inertia to office politics, to not realizing that the comfort zone is not where your IT business needs to stay (because your competitors sure aren't on cruise control). rain

Sometimes it's the sales department or upper management who object because it's often the people who will never use the software that become the biggest obstacle to change.

The Slow (& Sometimes Fast) Road To Tech Failure

Starting and running a tech business is not easy (I should know). The road to tech success is full of perils. Statistically, most won't make it. For every Google and Facebook-like success in Silicon Valley, there are countless Pets.com, WebVans.com, and Theranos-like failures that sucked startup VC money like black holes. Each had promising starts, but soon nosedived and crashed, leaving behind smoldering craters, and in the case of Theranos, a tell-all book, and a Netflix documentary with the dubious achievement of uncovering C suite shenanigans that make Joe Exotic's antics look amateurish in comparison.


Now, the reasons why so many tech companies fail are diverse; and sometimes, there are external factors outside of your control, like Covid-19 or 9/11. But in most cases, one can pinpoint a particular moment when making the right choice to dump bloated legacy software, systems, or even ideas would have saved the company. 

Even unredeemable Theranos had the opportunity early on to pivot into a more traditional biotech blood-testing company, had it allowed itself to accept change. Had they made that switch in their philosophy, it might have had a chance (whether their leadership was ever capable of making that mental switch is another matter!).

To Switch Or Not To Switch?

This is a concept that should keep IT managers up at night. Are you holding on to outdated, expensive and bloated systems that you know will slowly drag your IT business down just because there's no political will to make the switch? Why do some IT managers resist switching to a nimbler system that's better suited to help their business grow?  

It's like the story about the frog inside a pot of cold water. The water is heated very slowly, and the frog stays inside because the gradual change is not viewed as a threat until it's too late and the frog gets boiled.

As an IT professional and an entrepreneur, I've always made it my philosophy to ask, 'what are the problems my customers have, and how can we solve them in the simplest way?'

This philosophy permeates everything we do at SherpaDesk. That's why our software and integrations keep evolving to serve the needs of IT Managers today and tomorrow.

The question came up: 'What are the biggest pain points IT managers are currently facing with legacy PSA and RMM systems? '

To find an answer, we didn't go the route of hiring an exotic research firm. We proceeded the way we've always done it. We simply asked IT Managers and tech business owners directly, and then used their responses to tailor our SherpaDesk features and integrations to solve their main pain points.

Feel free to use our findings below to show the powers that be that it's Time to Make The Switch. Your business will be in a better place for it.

Top Five Reasons To Make The Switch 

Switch to Connectwise

Question: What Pain Points Are You Facing With Your Legacy PSA & RMM Systems like ConnectWise, Zendesk, SolarWinds, etc.?

Answer: Here Are The Top Five Legacy PSA & RMM System Pain Points & How SherpaDesk Strives To Solve Them

1-My Legacy PSA & RMM System is clunky and bloated

We've made sure that SherpaDesk's UI/UX design philosophy focuses on ease of use. Our API based integrations also make it easy to grow your tech stack based on your business needs while guaranteeing that you're always integrated to the latest tech.

2-My Legacy PSA & RMM System is slow

We've built SherpaDesk for speed. It just works. No bloat. Take it for a free spin, you won't be disappointed.

3-My Legacy PSA & RMM is expensive + they nickel & dime with extra fees

SherpaDesk is always free for the first tech, and we have a firm policy of never nickel and diming our costumers. Our pricing is transparent and straightforward: One all-inclusive price for the rest of your team and no setup fees, ever.

4-My Legacy PSA & RMM doesn't offer an easy QuickBooks integration

We offer easy one-click QuickBooks integration plus seamless and easy integration with the tools need to run your business like NinjaRMM, Skype, Xero, FreshBooks & more.

5-My Legacy PSA & RMM doesn't let me embed images on tickets easily

We've made it easy to slap images and screengrabs right inside tickets so that your techs never miss a thing.

SherpaDesk + NinjaRMM: Everything You Need To Run Your Business


We've worked hard to make sure that SherpaDesk with a NinjaRMM integration is the most powerful but simple solution you need to manage your IT team, log billable time, stay on top of your server alerts, track hardware assets, and bill accurately.
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With a SherpaDesk + NinjaRMM integration, IT managers are doubling their support efficiency by combining NinjaRMM's remote monitoring capabilities with SherpaDesk's easy to use ticketing and billing tools.

By using the SherpaDesk + NinjaRMM integration, IT managers can ensure that all their NinjaRMM monitored devices and clients are always synced with SherpaDesk, offering an integrated view of alerts, asset tracking, and billing.

We've even made it easy to switch to SherpaDesk from your current system, so you can start benefiting from all our features right away.

Click here to learn more about how SherpaDesk with NinjaRMM is the complete solution to Manage Your IT Business.

SherpaDesk is the definitive helpdesk solution for all your support, project management, and billing issues. 

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk