SherpaDesk Tip: How To Improve Your Customer Journey

By Jessy Smulski


The internet is abuzz with talk about the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience. But what does that really mean? And, more importantly, as an IT Helpdesk Manager or Small Business Owner, where do you even begin?


The Journey Is The Destination

You may ask yourself, why should IT helpdesk professionals give a hoot about creating and maintaining an excellent customer journey? Here’s a hint: For your customers, it all ties back to the customer journey. That's how they learn about your services and the benefits your company offers vs. your competitors. Most crucially, it is during the customer journey when leads decide to become customers. Create a great journey for your customers, and they will keep coming back (and also tell their friends how great your company/service is).

But how exactly do you improve your customer journey?

That's an excellent question, and you're in luck because we've created a fun little animated video that explains it all.

Click on the play icon below to find out what the customer journey is, why it matters, and why it can be the key to your business's success.


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Jessy Smulski
By Jessy Smulski

Jessy turns tech talk into thought-provoking stories for readers and leaders across the country.