SherpaDesk's TO-DO Feature

By Patrick Clements

"Good leaders do, but great leaders delegate." This is a commonly repeated motto among entrepreneurs. However, most small business owners find it difficult to delegate. It could be due to budgetary reasons, lack of training, or just being short of time (sometimes all of the above!).

The thing is that delegating specific tasks to the appropriate member of your team is crucial for your business's success because it frees you as a leader to focus on the big picture. Easier said than done!


Enter SherpaDesk's task management feature. We created this tool to give transparency to business owners and IT Managers into the status of their team's support issues or projects. By using SherpaDesk's TO-DO Task Management Tool you will have complete visibility into the status of each task you assign and easily view how your team is managing all their pending tasks without having to ask for updates regularly.

TO-DOs As A Training Tool 

You can also use SherpaDesk's task management feature as a training tool for recurring tasks where you can assign tasks that include templates and/or instructions so that your team doesn't reinvent the wheel every time they face a recurring task. This will help you onboard new hires and help keep your team happy.

How To Set-Up SherpaDesk's TO-DO Feature
Check out this video that will walk you through how to set up SherpaDesk's TO-DO Feature.

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Patrick Clements
By Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk