Q: Which options should I choose?
A: All plans start with 1 free tech license which gives access to the full stack of tools available. Remote Assistance is an additional $2 per month if activated.

Q: How long is the free trial?
A: You’ll get access to every feature for FREE for 15 days for teams more then 1 technician. 1 technician will be free for as long as you use the system. After that you you will have the option to upgrade to a paying account which will be $39 per month for each additional technician.

Q: What happens after I click Get Started?
A: You’ll be direct to our sign up page. Once that form is completed, you go right into the application. And then an email will be sent to you with your account information.

Q: Do you offer enterprise plans?
A: Yep. Just contact us: support@sherpadesk.com and one of our reps will assist in getting you set up.

Q: How and when will I be billed?
A: All payments are made through our credit card processor. If you have chosen any paid features, billing will start 30 days after you input your credit card info. Invoicing is available for enterprise customers.

Q: What features are in SherpaDesk?
A: You can see a full list of our features located in our feature list HERE

Q: Are you guys really sherpas?
A: No… no we are not. However, we do love helping our members achieve customer support awesomeness!