How to Manage Customers with Multiple Rate Plans

In a perfect world of personal service firms you would have just one rate card to use for billing out all of your customers.  Unfortunately, this usually is not the case.

For most small businesses they tend to set different rates across their client base.  You may do a favor for your Aunt Myrtle and design her knitting club website at $25/hour while at the same time you score a nice little contract with Coca-Cola and you give them the full retail at $85/hour.

When you are in a small business sometimes you have to adapt and your rates will vary.  This makes it difficult to keep track on what to bill to which customer.  

This problem can amplify even further when you bring on additional employees with varying levels of skill.  Trying to support different rate types with technicians who have different degrees of skills across many different client billing structures  can makes your accounting a nightmare.

Most businesses in this situation will just end up going with some type of blended rate to just make it easy.  This type of cost structure limits any flexibility with your pricing.  We have seen these scenarios pop up way too often both internally as well as in our customer base.  We wanted to provide a solution to track time and rates like most personal service firms behave.

Task Types


If you just want to set up task types you can set customized rates at each type.  You will be able to create multiple task types and assign a global default invoice and staff payment rate.  These rates that would be applied when a technician selects a task type and enters time either to an Account, Project or Ticket.  Each task type rate is able to be edited and allow you to override the rate for each technician.


Payment & Invoice Rate


If you just want to set up rates per technician versus task types then you can customize their rates individually within the Payment or Invoice section.  You will be able to set a global default rate for each of your technicians.  You also will have the ability to edit and override each technician to set their unique rate for each task type.


Account Rate Plans

Rate Plan

You also have the ability to create rate plans and assign these to each Account.  When your technicians are entering time against any account's project or ticket then it will use the rates assigned by the plan.

With the varying different set up structures to determine rates available within SherpaDesk we are hoping to accommodate all the different types of payment and invoicing methods among your clients and team members.

Check out these feature and let us know what you think!

Patrick Clements

Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk